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If you don't fear me...

Then I won't fear you.

[[a MWPP rpg.]]
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Welcome to Audacia -- a highly selective RPG set in the time of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs.


To be announced when there is an adequate number of players.

[As for now, we have lots of fluff.]


You better follow 'em.

+1| Inactivity for 2 weeks without warning = not so cool. For the
first time this happens, you'll get a warning. Second time... a harsher/meaner
warning. Third time, it's adios to you.

+2| No original characters until we've got all the canon ones filled. Sorry. <3

+3| Slash is encouraged and welcome! Rawr.

+4| If you just don't feel like playing anymore, just say so. We'll understand.
Just say something instead of just abandoning the RPG.

+5| Add everyone in the game to your friends list, including the OOC community and
Audacia account. It's easier to keep up since you just click on friends

+6| Stay as canon as humanly possible. Yes, there can be little
misunderstandings and assumptions. However, not everyone would be hunky-dory
with Severus, nor would Lucius be very friendly.

+7| If you plan to make any major plot stitches, make sure to let me AND the
people you plan to stitch with know. Examples: Killings, Babies, Super-ultra-
duper going-to-be-laid-on-everyone-under-the-sun pranks...

+8| Post in your journal OR post comments semi-often. Like about 4-5 times a week.
Timeframes are posted in Miscellaneous.

+9| Make sure your journal posts are in 1st person, and that your roleplaying is in
3rd person. No Exceptions!

+10| There will be adult themes here, so you'll have to be 16+. But if you aren't,
and I find you mature... then you'll be set. However, some of us would want a
little smutty-smut action. Those posts shall be marked as NC-17. You take
responsibility for your own actions if you participate or read any of this

+11| Don't flame other people. Character-to-Character, yes. Person-to-Person, no.
If you have a problem, don't hesitate to contact me.

+12| AIM is required to play. It'd be helpful if you used a different screename
then your own personal one, but it's not necessary.

+13| You may bring in the NPC's if needed, but make sure that someone else plays
them -- not you. Where's the fun in that?

+14| audacia_ooc is the OOC community. You've gotta join, babe. Plot
suggestions, bonding, and all that other hoopla is to be placed there. Knock
yourselves out.

+15| When posting on audacia, you have two options:
a) A RP on AIM.
b) An open-to-all post.
After you finish each one, copy and paste the actual log into the community
underneath a LJ cut. Make sure you put the Who, When(optional), Where
(optional), and What; as well as the rating of the material. NC-17 is allowed,
because we all love smut.

+16| Please, please, please watch your grammar and punctuation. I definitely
understand a slip up every so often, but make sure you skim it over once or so.

+17| All owls are to be posted at audacia under an LJ cut.

+18| Make sure to comment on other people's journals, damnit!

+19| IM me once in a while and talk to me! <3 Not to mention IMing other players.

+20| Have uber-tons of fun. [Haha... lame yet true.]


So you want to join? Super! <3 E-mail finished applications to a_u_d_a_c_i_a@hotmail.com.

Name: [Real name, not anything dumb like supastah696969696sexpenis.]
Age: [Remember, 16+. But there are exceptions.]
AIM Screename:

Year: [If you don't like the year your character is in on the lists, then let me know.]
House: [Same as above.]
Quidditch? If yes, what position?
Personality: [List adjectives.]
Unusual Qualities(if any):
Sexual Preference:
Position with the whole Voldemort scenario:
Sample Roleplay Entry(3rd Person):
Sample Journal Entry(1st Person):


Available Characters. If you don't see the one that you want, feel free to apply for that character anyway.

Characters without links are needed; Characters in bold are wanted badly.


7th year.

+ Kingsley Shacklebolt

+ Ludo Bagman
+ Bertha Jorkins

+ Amelia Bones [head girl.]

+ Bellatrix Black - wanton_amazon
+ Lucius Malfoy - malfoyisgod [head boy.]
+ Dolores Umbridge

6th year.

+ Sirius Black - siriusly_its_me
+ Lily Evans - __firelily [prefect.]
+ Alice _____ [Longbottom]
+ Frank Longbottom
+ Remus Lupin - hangthemoon__ [prefect.]
+ Peter Pettigrew - (pending)
+ James Potter - pranking_prongs

+ Sybill Trelawney

+ Andromeda Black - starlit_love
+ Amos Diggory [prefect.]

+ Rita Skeeter
+ Severus Snape - _sevvie__
+ Rabastan Lestrange - (pending)

5th year.

+ Ted Tonks

+ Gilderoy Lockhart - _magicalme [prefect.]


+ Rodolphus Lestrange
+ Narcissa Black - bluenarcissus
+ Regulus Black

The Hogwarts Professors[Not a very strenuous role. You'll just be able to come when needed.]
Albus Dumbledore
Various Voldemort Followers[Same as the professors -- just coming in when needed.]


Taken PBs:
+ Ian Somerhalder [Sirius Black]
+ Hugh Dancy [Remus Lupin]
+ Rufus Wainwright [Severus Snape]
+ Anna Paquin [Andromeda Black]
+ Claire Danes [Lily Evans]
+ Victoria Beckham [Bellatrix Black]
+ Alex Band [Lucius Malfoy]
+ (waiting) [Gilderoy Lockhart]
+ (waiting) [James Potter]
+ (waiting) [Narcissa Black]

The time frame for the RP is as follows:

+ 1 WEEK = 1 RP DAY.
---> All posts made in the character's journals is day by day -- yes, that
means the posts will have to slow down a bit. A post once a week means
that they've only "written" in the journal once for the day. 2 posts a
week means twice for the day, and et cetera.

[Classes table to be up soon.]

If you've got any questions/concerns, then make sure to contact me:
E-Mail: a_u_d_a_c_i_a@hotmail.com
AIM: whoa its sirius

Go get 'em, tigers.