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Lake - Open to All

Lucius Malfoy exited the Hogwarts Castle, his usual cocky smirk on his face. His hair was back to normal, if not a little lighter. Was that even possible? He ran a hand through it, a sigh of relief escaping him. Thank god. He was wearing his normal school uniform minus the robe, which consisted of neat, dark khaki pants, and a plain white shirt with a silver and green neck tie. Under his arm was a book on the Dark Arts. It was after classes, and he decided to catch up on a bit of reading.

He made his way down to the Lake edge, and watched it quietly lap at the shore. He sat down on the grass, about a yard away from the actual water. He opened the book, and stared down at the first chapter. He ran his tongue over his teeth absentmindedly, cool gray blue eyes looking up at the lake again. It was on the Dark Arts, his favorite subject, but then again, Lucius and reading about any type of spell never really..mixed well. Of course, he enjoyed novels and that sort of thing. But memorizing spells, even if it was the Dark Arts, could be a bit boring to him. Damn it, he should have brought out a different book. Oh well. He was in a good mood, and nothing could spoil it.
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