Severus D. Snape (_sevvie__) wrote in audacia,
Severus D. Snape

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After a relatively uneasy morning of double Divination then double Defense Against The Dark Arts, Severus would always look forward to his free periods at the end of the day. But not this time.

Severus strode none too calmly up the steps leading toward the dungeons, his usually curtained hair almost sticking out in wild cow-licks, his lips unnaturally red, his tie loosened and hanging in a scruffy mess around his neck.

Banging through the outside doors leading towards the lake, Severus breathed in calming breaths before dumping his bag and books underneath the oak tree with a loud 'thwack!', sending some birds off in flight a couple of trees away.

Bloody first years... wouldn't know the difference between a sleeping draught and a shrinking potion if it bit them in the arse!!

Pacing back and forth to calm himself, Severus rid himself of his outer-robe, so he was just wearing his shirt and school trousers. Reaching into his back pocket, he retrieved a cigarette and put it between his lips, before lighting it with his wand.
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