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Remus Lupin was never one to waste a sunny day, so that particular sunday morning he decided to head down to the Care of Magical Creatures pen and make up for having missed his last class.

They had been studying Nifflers, that week, and the fuzzy black creatures seemed to take an immediate liking to him, for the second Remus stepped inside the enclosure the began flocking around his ankles and churring happily.

Unwilling to sit down and possibly squash one of them, he stood awkwardly and began his sketch.
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Gilderoy, proudly sporting newly blonde hair, came up to Remus, beaming. "Lupin," he said to the other boy, when his approach went unnoticed. "May I have a moment?"
Remus looked up from where he had been trying to shake off one of the Nifflers, that was rapidly scaling his leg.

"Oh-- Sure, Gilderoy, what is it?" He blinked, nudging another Niffler out of his schoolbag with his toe.
Gilderoy watche the antics of Remus and the nifflers with no short supply of amusement. "Well, there's actually something I need to discuss with James and Sirius, but I thought I ought to start by talking to you."

Gilderoy went to the edge of the nifflers' pen, a little surprised when a few of them broke away from Remus long enough to come investigate him.
Remus tried not to look suspicious, but at least a little of his concern must have showed on his face.

"...What about?" He tried to keep his voice even, emptying a rather affectionate litter of Nifflings out of his pocket.
"A prank," Gilderoy said soberly, as though his words were of the greatest importance. "I owe Severus a favor... and I want to do this for Lily, too."

Gilderoy produced a vile from the pocket of his schoolrobes. "This is an exact replica of the potion I botched-- down to the very last mistake in making it. It wouldn't even come close to doing what it is supposed to do."
Remus's eyes narrowed, and he absently petted the remaining Nifflings in his pocket.

"Very noble, but Malfoy is the target, right? What will the potion do, exactly?"
Gilderoy swirled it once. "Turn his hair purple," he responded a bit dryly. "But, believe me-- that isn't the brutal part. The brutal part is the potion to turn it back to blonde. It's a difficult potion, and it involves both powdered newt and hedgehog bile-- both of which are absolutely vile."

Gilderoy smiled at Remus. "Now, I want to ask Black and Potter to help me, because I don't think I could pull it off without just blatently pouring it on his head-- I think they could be more discreet about it."
Remus frowned slightly, "while this is a brilliant revenge tactic... I worry that one or all of you would be seriously injured." He said, a little wry himself.

"I doubt Lucius would care enough to hold back with any of you if he found out." Remus looked genuinely worried about this.
"Which is why he can't find out." Gilderoy reached down, running his fingers through the fur of a niffler, and it chirred happily back at him.

"But, that's also why I came to you first," Gilderoy added. "Black and Potter are very impulsive. While they may be quite bright indeed, they don't always think with their brains."
Remus hmm'ed, and the Niffler in his pocket purred loudly back at him. "I don't know though... I wouldn't feel very good about it if you three come back with your heads on backwards or something." He raised an eyebrow at Gilderoy.

"But..." he paused, his inner Marauder perking up a bit at the prospect of mischief. "Out of curiousity... would he have to ingest it? Or just pour it on his hair?"
Gilderoy perked when Lupin said the last. "Well, if he injusts it, he'll probably just get really, really relaxed. This potion, after all, is meant to calm a patient in shock. However, when it was dumped on me, it turned my hair bright purple-- as you saw."

Gilderoy reached over and plucked a wandering niffler off of Lupin's shoulder, gently setting the creature on the ground, where it just proceeded to charge over to Remus again.
"Well..." Remus looked thoughtful, shaking his head slightly, though it was more to dislodge a wayward Niffling then to brush off Gilderoy's statement. The small furry animal fell to the ground, landing with a chirr on a pile of his brothers and sisters.

"Severus is in Slytherin... and probably knows the dorms pretty well... How long does the potion stay potent?"
"I don't know-- Severus would know that kind of thing better than me." Gilderoy considered the potion for a moment. "I think that it will last a good week, at least. And, I've been informed by Snape that it would have turned my hair purple... perminantly."

When he looked back up, Gilderoy made a motion with his hand to the back of his own head. "Um... you've got one right here, in your hair..."
Remus gently dislodged it without missing a beat, looking completely unfazed.

"Well, if he has a hairbrush on hand... then you could apply the potion do that.. although that might just streak it... The best alternitave would be to replace shampoo with the potion..."
"Hm... that isn't bad," Gilderoy commented, tapping his lips with one finger. "Of course, how is he going to get to Lucious' shampoo?"

Gilderoy grabbed a niffler off of Remus's arm, frowning slightly. "Crazy little buggers, aren't they?"
"Well, if he can get into their bathroom then it'll be easy." Remus smirked, "just look for the most expensive bottle."

He glanced down at a large female who was currently chewing off his shoe-laces. "...Yeah, but they mean well."
Gilderoy's gaze followed Lupin's to the Gryffindor's shoes. Quite suddenly, he let out a bark of laughter. "That one fancies you quite a lot."

He then smiled at Remus. "Well, I will suggest that to Severus... see if he wants to do it. If not, then I may have to call on the tactics of your friends."
He nudged her gently with his toe, to discourage her and she tore of the last lace, purring lovingly. "Apparently."

Remus rolled his eyes, "Oh, they'll be quite happy to help you. Maybe this will make thing think a bit better of Snape as well."
"I certainly think a lot better of Severus," Gilderoy commented, raising an eyebrow at the poor creaturs fawning hopelessly over Lupin.

"Well... I'll let you get back to your homework, then," Gilderoy said, amusement all-too-clear in his voice. The vile went back into the pocket of his robes. "Thanks."
"They're nice boys, you just have to get to know them." Remus rolled his eyes.

"Sure I hope I he--Hey! No, these are new!" He trailed off, nudging the female a bit harder as she sank her teeth into the hem of his trousers.
Gilderoy gave a laugh. "You've been a great help. Wish I could say the same-- but you'll have to deal with your own fanclub."

Gilderoy left Remus to his own devices with no more than a casual wave tossed over his shoulder.
Remus waved back, but was more then a little distracted by the Niffler climbing his leg.

It was going to be a long day.