Severus D. Snape (_sevvie__) wrote in audacia,
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To say that he was bored out of his skull was an understatement. Severus was fed up. He had just finished off his homework and all necessary hand-outs a couple of hours previous to this moment, and now that he had everything done, he really didn't know what else to do.

Now, some people may argue and say that Severus Snape was quite possibly the King of Apathy; someone who finds comfort in their boredom - on the contrary - Snape always had to be doing something to keep himself busy, or the prospect of cracking up was at stake.

So here he was, back resting against the large oak tree next to the lake, peering out to the water where the sky was a murky grey, progressing from late afternoon to early evening. A book lay by his side, worn and sad, picked up from his bedside table as an object of amusement for sitting outside, only to be discovered that it had been read twice before. Oh, well.
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